Friday, July 31, 2009

India, concerts, jobs and keeping up with life :) I realize that I have been not so in touch to the blogging world.  Sorry about that.  I have noticed recently that lately I have been getting really preoccupied with work and tutoring and life that I have gotten behind with things like texting people back!  It's definitely not like me...I'm very punctual and like to respond quickly to people.  Anyway, that's a little digression.  So, the Molly Jenson concert is August 15th!  I'd love it if you could be there; and here's the promised link to the e-vite and ticket information: .  So, this week has been quite crazy...I found out that the physical therapist office had already picked the person they wanted (and yet the neglected to call the other people whom they interviewed as well to inform them of their decision).  But, the good news is that babysitting has been happening a little bit this week, and today I started a temp job at pretty large video game and entertainment company.  And it's for a whole MONTH!  Praise the Lord!  I must admit that I feel that it's hard but when you lean on the Lord he is good and he answers.  (Because this month long job is nothing I could have gotten on my own).  Another thing keeping me really busy is interviewing people for the India trip.  I am officially a team leader and get to interview the applicants and help decide on the team.  It's going to be an exciting and great trip and lots of amazing people who are applying!  YAY!  Well folks, it's definitely late.  And you know, I'm a 9-5 kind of girl so I must get to bed :)  Love & peace to you all! 

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