Friday, September 18, 2009

A week full of good things

This week has been really awesome. I have done my share of babysitting, but I have also had one or two nights free. I seized opportunity & was able to spend time with my very good & dear friend Lauren (as well as her fiance). I love spending time with them. It was also my mom's birthday so I was able to spend time with family. I have also been trying to get into a class at OCC but it's been full. I am also trying to get in contact with another teacher from another class to see if I could get into a class at a different time. We also had an India leadership meeting that went really well. I am getting more excited about the trip & excited for how it's making me keep my faith strong, and call on God and be prayerful and seeking Him more and more. Well, I'll leave you with some funny kid stories.
  • A little 3 year old girl I watch had to "go potty" and I let her go but went in a couple seconds later after her see if she need help buttoning pants or anything; I asked her if she wiped and she said "No" and I ask why not. Her reply..."I'll wipe tomorrow"
  • Babysat over the weekend for 2 boys...when I said they couldn't play with water and get muddy and dirty the oldest said "You're no fun". I made up a modified game with water that wouldn't get them really wet (but they found ways to get dirty still). And after I read to them in bed, the littlest boy said "Brittani, I like you" (in a "you're really cool" kind of way). And he prayed that I'd have a safe drive home.
  • Those same two boys could not believe it when I told them I have two sisters, and growing up we never played Legos.
  • I picked up the 4 year old boy I watch from Pre-K this week. My car was kind of hot from the mid-day heat so I rolled the windows down. Next thing I know the little boy has his arm up in the air in the wind and yells "armpit" and started laughing. I guess his armpits needed cooling down.

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