Friday, September 18, 2009

HAPPY (Beleated) Birthday (post) MOM!!!

It was my mom's birthday this week. I definitely am not late in saying happy birthday to her...I know this because I got up early on her birthday so that we could have a family birthday breakfast (of cinnamon rolls) before my brother went to school; and then we also went to dinner as a family that night. Since I spend time with her on her actually birthday that is my excuse for this birthday post being late....But I love you very much mom! Your endless amount of love and caring is what makes you a great mom! And another great thing about you is you like to have fun. I love you mom! May this year be filled with even more blessings than the last.

(I know this picture isn't the best quality; but it's one of me & my mom so I wanted to show it)

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