Sunday, December 6, 2009

Too funny not to share

I had a crazy busy day babysitting yesterday, but I am so blessed that I have work. :) And some funny things came out of it...more funny kid stories/sayings
  • Long story, but I was driving back to central Orange County from San Clemente because while I was babysitting I was shuttling kids around. I had a 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl (siblings) in my car. There wasn't a lot of gas in the car and we were just heading home. I was gonna get off at the very next exit to get some when the 3 yr old goes "Brittani, I have to go potty really bad...I'm gonna pee my pants". So I "okay, we're going to the gas station right now. Can you hold it for 1 more minute? Don't go potty yet" and think to myself "well, I guess this is where we're gonna get gas afterall"---and I know, I know...a gas station bathroom; but hey, it's a 3 yr old girl with a small bladder and it's San Clemente. How bad can the bathrooms be? Anyway, we get off the exit & there's a gas station literally right there. We go inside the convenience store and the bathroom is inside of it. Just one stall...we all fit in and while the 3 yr old's going to the bathroom the 5 yr old boy goes "Brittani, I saw lots of candy out there...(pause)...I like M&M's". I think to myself, "mental note, if I ever go by candy with kids again I need to shield their eyes". I ended up buying them a little treat. :)
  • The same 3 yr old girl wanted to use a flashlight in the living room and make the room dark to see the light. We close the blinds and she turns the flashlight on. And she talks about the light and makes up a little song. Then I say "I can teach you a song about a light" and she says okay so I start to sing "This Little Light of Mine". It's a kumbaya kind of moment. Then the 3 yr old girl starts to scream it and sing it silly. I say "oh, I want to hear your pretty voice" and she sings it normal. Then her 5 yr old brother says "that's the spirit"...I'm pretty sure they had watched a Christmas movie recently and heard that and he thought "This Little Light of Mine" is a Christmas song. Too cute
  • Another little 3 yr old girl I watch has been using the phrase "there's a wild animal on the loose"...and it's really funny to me because she says it just like the guy in that old Fandango commercial. (Right? Anyone know which one I'm talking about? Maybe it's an inside joke between my friend Lauren & I :)


Amanda Lane said...

Too cute! Love these kid stories. Praying for your trip!

Brittani's Blog said...

Thanks Amanda! Got a little things thrown in to mix, but I think that it's God planning and making the trip better! Can't wait till the next time I get to see you (which might be when your 'lil bun is out of the oven" :)