Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update...the good life :) (stream of consciousness post)

It's been too long since I last posted...and that seems to be the way that I have been starting my posts lately. My bad.  I really have been super busy.  I really feel like I am so blessed though, and have a wonderfully amazing life.  But, I thought I'd give a short update & also let you know that I have two (maybe 3) new posts in the makings (and let me tell you, they are good posts if I do say so myself) :)  I was in my best friends wedding this weekend.  (you know, the one where I posted about it here)  Anyway, it was simply an amazing wedding!  I seriously get a little choked up still when I think about it.  My best friend is now married!  Crazy.  She honestly stole the show with how stunning and absolutely gorgeous she looked.  And she threw an amazing wedding.  It was simply breathtaking, and at the end of the night she even said that it was way more than she expected/hoped for/anticipated.  All that to say, I know it wasn't easy for her to plan it so kudos again to you LoLo.  And congrats to you and your hubby!  I don't have any pics yet because I really didn't take any at all...because LoLo's sis was taking a good amount, there was also a professional photographer there, and also because my 3 year old not-top-of-the-line Canon Powershot battery displays a low battery warning after taking about 2 pic and I have to take the battery out and put it back in (and I believe the battery is newer).  Anyway, I digress.  I will share pics as soon as they are available to me :)  But, the memories of getting to spend the entire day & a half with LoLo before her wedding, the getting ready for the wedding, seeing her & her hubby's 1st glance, the ceremony, the kick-butt reception with amazing food/cake, fun dancing, a tasty candy station, and witnessing the love the couple have for each other and the love so many people have for them, and truly enjoying being a bridesmaid with LoLo's sis and a longtime family friend (who are both intelligent, funny & lovely women, and great company) is still fresh in my mind.  I still haven't heard anything from CBU, so I am going to contact them tomorrow...hmph.  Will update as soon as I know stuff too.  Oh yeah, all that in between working full time and cat sitting for LoLo while she's on vacation and a million other things :)  Another post I have in mind is sharing a photo of LoLo's cute cat Pipper.

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