Sunday, September 12, 2010

in the clear

I guess that there was some problems with my blog design. The website I got it at couldn't have all the html codes anymore. But I was able to upload a file with the code on it. And I had no idea about this because I hadn't checked my blog in a few days. Anyway, sorry if any of my (few) readers couldn't read/get to my posts. It's all better now...and I thought it was time to change up the design so I did :) And look, I blogged twice in 1 week! :)


oc2pdx said...

I like this design better :)

Brittani Nichole said...

thanks ;) the website was having problems. since it was so late at night when you told me and i learned my blog was going wayhire because of their html codes, i hadn't figured out they still had downloadable codes you could upload to blogger...that's a lot of nerdy, bloggy and techy lingo :) haha. i love it!