Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sleeping Soundly (An Ode to Fall)

I love Fall. Today is the first day of the season...and it's such a wonderful one. It warms my heart. It means back to school. It means change. It holds the days when I can sip a Chai Tea Latte or curl up with a blanket to watch a movie, actually wear a warm coat, feel a crispness in the air, eat yummy soup, wear closed toed shoes a little more often and see glimpses of leaves changing color. There are also the beautiful holidays! :) Halloween, Thanksgiving...and of course my birthday (just in case you were wondering) :)
But, do you want to know why I am loving the Fall so much right now? Because of the glorious sleep that it brings me. I know, sleep is a weird reason to like Fall. Let me explain. I love sleeping where it's very dark, and with the temperature being slightly cooler. And lately, these conditions have been perfect. So, I've been getting good nights rest and actually sleeping in. I normally have a problem being able to go back to sleep if I happen to wake up early for some reason (no matter what time I go to bed, I wake up early). Lately, though, I've been like a bear hibernating and I sleep right on through until my alarm goes off. Heck, this weekend I even slept in until 9am on Sunday! It took me a few days to adjust to the Fall weather, but now I am loving it (and the great sleep it is bringing me). So, here's to you Fall! Hope you are all enjoying it to!

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