Thursday, September 23, 2010

you put a smile on my face (make the world a better place)

So, I have been completely and utterly busy lately...but in such a good way! I won't lie though, I am going to be needing some rest soon :) I know it will come soon! Anyway, one of the reasons I need rest is because of how stinking hot it's been in Orange County. It's just a few days before October and it's been hitting 90'F. Not right people...not right at all! Anyway, I'm thankful for air conditioning and I know I'm spoiled to have it. Well, I haven't done this in a while and I've been able to get a few great kid quotes lately, so I will leave you with them! I hope you are all having a great week, and staying cool out there!
  • I was going outside with a 2 year old boy I sit for and sneezed. I said "excuse me". He then asks "do you know why you sneeze?". I said "well, I sneeze a lot when I first walk outside and in the sun". Then he says "No, you sneeze when you eat too much"... I don't know what food he's eating ... :)
  • I take 4 kids home from after school 3 days a week...on our way home I usually take a route that passes a McDonalds...with four kids in the car. For the past 3 weeks each time we pass (or even get near it) the kids yell "turn here, turn here. It's McDonald's!" for 2 miles before and after the establishment. I laugh because I still haven't taken them to get an after school snack there (and I feel slightly mean for not taking them...but people, it'd mess up and make us late for nap time and getting me to my other jobs), but also because I would literally do the same thing when I was little. Except it wouldn't just be McD's...I'd know all the fast food places and hope my mom would turn into one before we got home.
  • was taking a pair of 3 year old boy and girl to school with their 18 month old sister. The 3 year old girl did something to her brother where I told her she needed to apologize. She yelled "I'm soorryy". I said that wasn't the right way to say it and I would like her to retry using a nice voice. And then the 18 month old chimes in saying "E-ahh, sorry" (E-ahh is how she pronounces her sisters name). I just had to laugh. The little one was bossing her older sister around and at the same time trying to imitate me. She's got spunk and sass :)
  • I had to stop by my house while I was babysitting because I left my phone there. The mom I was sitting for said it was okay. (It was on our way to where I was taking the kids.) I had the kids mentioned above (two 3 year olds and a 18 month old). They came into my house and found my room and all of them crawled on my bed and laid down (shoes on and everything). It was cute :)
p.s., anyone recognize the lyrics that are in my title? :) I know, I know. I love songs and music, I just can't help it! :)

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