Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I posted a little while ago that my very good friend and roommate's mentor had written a book that I was reading. Well, I am still reading it. It's taken me a LOT longer than I thought. But, I am showing myself grace in this area because I've taken a class this last semester. Anyway, I'm back reading it again. I was told by the author, Preston, it's good to digest it in small bits.
It is so powerful and is having a big impact for me. It speaks so much truth that I feel can really resonate with everyone. It's hard to fully describe the book. But in a few more words, it is book in which gets down to the core of the desire each of us has for purpose, truth, connection with our Father and longing to be known and cherished. All of this takes place within a riveting adventure that two brothers take. I know it has been impactful for many others, and I hope that I can also be used to speak truth and God's greatness and love to others too (which, probablywon't be in the form of a writing...but who knows. I wanted to put up a quote from the book to leave you with, as well as a link to the website to get the book!

Jester explained that he would take advantage of the Prince's predicament by imitating his voice & suggesting thoughts to his as though he was thinking them himself. With any luck, the disillusioned & confused Prince would voice & appropriate Jester's suggestions thinking they were his own. If all went well, he would hear himself say things so powerful that their mere sound would sear a distorted conviction into his psyche, warp his thinking, wound his emotions, and further undermine his already doubtful opinion about his Father, the King.

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