Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feels like ADD...also known as the time I was almost taken to jail

Feels like my head has been spinning a hundred different directions lately. So much to do, and so little time...and I keep getting sidetracked. For example, today I got up after a good nights sleep & had plans to run an errand before work. But then my tire busted (somehow) on the way to work. Major sidetrack. Then I was hoping to get home from work and actually be able to exercise but that didn't happen, because I worked later since I was late getting to work due to dealing with putting a spare tire on my car & then I had to go to a tire place and get a new tire after work before I had a meeting with other leaders going on the India trip. And then tonight, I was planning to be able to journal and gather my thoughts and have quiet time, but between peeking in at the election results my roommates are watching on TV, stressing about remembering everything I have to do, and getting unexpected phone calls from lovely friends I've also gotten sidetracked. Don't mind me...I'm just complaining about how sidetracked my day has been in blog form (and yet still not being productive). I'm going to try and actually accomplish a few more things before bed...and try to get a good nights sleep :)
I'll leave you with some of the funnies out of the mouths of kids I know (or just funny kid stories I have)
  • 4 year old boy I watch was sitting at a park picnic table finishing his lunch. I said out loud "Oh man, I forgot something in the car" (I think it was my phone or a toy he or his siblings wanted to play with). He says all serious and cute because he was really trying to help "whatch you need Brittani?"
  • I picked up the 4 year old boy & his sister from school on Friday, which was their class Halloween party. Sometimes we walk through the school office to get to the car because there's a really sweet lady who works in the office and she loves to see the kids. She gave them candies for Halloween. I told them it could be their one candy of the day but they had to eat it once they got buckled in the car. Man, they were the most cooperative and obedient kids walking to the car and getting in their seats. It was seriously the fastest they've ever gotten buckled and in their seats. Candy: it's kids kryptonite.
  • I was picking up a 5 year old boy (brother to the brother and sister mentioned above) from school and dropping his friend off at home. The 5 year old boy wanted to have a play date. But, because the friend lives in another part of the city closer to their school I told him we have to plan it for another day (because I was sure his mom didn't want to disrupt the other kids naps to pic him up in a few hours when I'd be done babysitting). He got upset and told me he was going to call the cops on me or take me to jail. Oh, the drama and priorities of the 5 year old brain. Makes you love 'em even more though :)

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