Monday, November 8, 2010

Ideas & Big Plans (and a cause near and dear to my heart)

It's been quite a busy few days for me here. One of those weeks where a lot happens in a short and condensed amount of time. Yesterday we had a India team training. It was one of the most impactful trainings because we showed a 15 minute trailer for the movie "Dalit's". It's a documentary that is still not out in theaters or on video yet; it's about the "untouchables" in India. A people group that is not even part of the caste system in India. They're so marginalized and in slavery today! Millions of people in the worst poverty, starving, homeless, jobless and neglected by people in the caste system at best...a lot of times they're abused, hurt and taken advantage of.
However, there are organizations that are making a difference. One of them is Harvest India. And I am very excited to tell you all about a special FREE art event called "Dalit" that is going to benefit the work Harvest India is doing. It's at Hurley headquarters in Costa Mesa and there is going to be amazing art for sale and raffles. All the art is focued on India. It's seriously going to be amazing! Hurley is allowing the benefit to be on their premises and is donating clothes and a customized surf board. There will also be free drinks, food and sweets. All the proceeds will go towards Harvest India. And, it's kid friendly as well! I'm so amazed by my former teammates, their heart, vision and drive. And how all this has been put together in such a huge way (ways where you just know God is at work)! I've decided to incorporate this as part of a birthday celebration for me because it's the day before my birthday. I love art, and the artist who will be presenting, love the cause, the people and want to invite everyone I know! :) Please, at least check out the info here & here!

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