Sunday, November 14, 2010

stream of consciousness

Lately, I've been wondering what to blog about...I guess for now this could be a stream of conscious post. I've been working a lot. And have actually had a lot of changes happening lately. Good changes for me. The likes of which I will probably write about in the future. But it's good.
I had a garage sale yesterday to benefit my India trip. I was able to make a decent amount of cash..but I left very, very tired and sore. My back is still hurting from all the lifting and carrying of 3 carloads of bags of boxes I transported ALL BY MYSELF. I'm thankful that my sister Cristina, and friends Kristi & Reny came to my rescue the day of. Anyway, I had gotten very little sleep last week because of working a lot and also because I was housesitting.
I've gotten a financial update on my trip support. Right now I've raised $835 out of $3500. It's always interesting to see how the trip finances turn out, so I keep praying and putting it out there! :) Here's a link to donate online to help ministries and the people of India I will be visiting.
Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and it's one of my favorite holidays because it's about giving thanks for all the blessings we have all while seeing the ones you love and eating delicious food to your hearts (and stomaches) content :)
I'm still recoperating from the last 2 weeks of busyness, and the garage sale so I should get to bed...but I still have a ton of things to do. One of which is unpack my large suitcase. haha

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