Saturday, June 13, 2009

Go Steph, it's your burfday, we're gonna party like it's your burfday!

This post goes out to one of my best friends, Stephanie. Thank you for your friendship and many fun and memorable times together! You are an amazing person! I'm so proud of you for the strives that you've made personally. I pray that this year has many more blessings, closeness with our Father, and personal growth! Love ya!


Randomness said...

Thank you! I'm so grateful for our friendship and blessed more than I realize. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my birthday with any other person besides yourself. What a busy, adventurous day we had. ;0)

Brittani's Blog said...

We did have fun :) I think two good movies in one day is a something in itself, yet alone Disneyland too! And dinner! And seeing Suresh & Christina! Sheesh, that's a mouthful isn't it