Sunday, June 21, 2009

June-tastic (June crazyness, that's all I got for a title..boring I know)

Lots has been going on around here...I've had quite a week. I've worked this whole week at the temp job and had my last day Friday. I worked a total of 56 hours simply alphabetizing, filing and making labels. But I am so thankful to have had the work. Everything continued to be fine after that first day. lol. On top of that, I've been babysitting a few days after work; I also took my brother to California Advenuture after work to utilize his birthday ticket! And, I've also been blessed to have time to drive Suresh (the pastor who I stayed with in India) and his wife around a little bit. They are quite an amazing couple, as well as individuals. My dad also had lunch with us and has been able to help Suresh get plugged in to several men prayer group to speak and spread the word about Harvest India. They are becoming sweet friends. Needless to say it's been a crazy week. I'm having difficulties dealing with managing that schedule and being in between taking in as much babysitting as well as managing temp jobs. However, this upcoming week has no temp job thus far, but a few extra babysitting gigs and hopes of a permanent part time job (which would be quite nice). The big news is that my baby sister has now graduated high school!!! I am so proud of her!!! Next stop, Chico State!!! It was great to be with family to celebrate with her! Kori, I pray that the next four years are full of focus, protection and blessings and that you would have a safe and great college experience in an environment where you excel to the fullest!!! Other big news is that my older sis is moving to Sacramento on Monday!!! It's crazy!!! I'm going to miss her being so close but I know that she will visit and I'm determined to make trips to visit her as often as possible. We are all growing up! (here's' me and my mama, Kori and Chantelle, Kori & Grammie & Susie, Kori with the cake I made her; yeah, I also somehow had time to make her a cake!)

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