Saturday, June 27, 2009

"This is home"

So, yesterday was the big, anticipated Switchfoot concert!!! It was definitely something that I felt was getting difficult to manage because at first I planned to go to the concert in San Diego and stay there with a friend (Jen) for the weekend. We were going to go to the Switchfoot all day surf competition (which benefits the local organization "Stand Up for Kids") and then after they had a concert with Fiction Family, Molly Jenson, Tim Curran and much much more. A really amazing weekend! Then, silly me got asked to babysit and didn't realize it was the same weekend. Problem. So, I was going to stay until the latest possible time in San Diego to be able to take part in as much of the festivities that I could and then come back home. I compromise I accepted. Then, about 3 days ago I'm driving my car and it starts to make a not-so-good grinding type of noise and it felt like it drove kind of weird. Problem. Take my car to two different mechanics because it turns out it required a transmission specialist. The transmission guy says I need a new transmission that's a minimum of $1200! What! Oh, and I shouldn't drive the car or it will cause more damage which will cost more money. So, needless to say I didn't have a car to get me to do all the fun things in San Diego. However, my very very good friend Stephanie was going to the concert with me and generously picked me up to go to the concert and drove me back home late in the evening. (Because she wasn't able to stay overnight in San Diego or go to the Bro-AM surf contest).
However, the concert itself was amazing!!! Before the concert Steph & I met up with Jen. It was a blast. Jen is just awesome! (And if you all could keep her in your prayers. She and her boyfriend are going on a missions trip to the Congo in 2 weeks and are having trouble raising money.) And at the concert we had stinking amazing seats! Right level with the stage (because the general admission area that was standing only was actually below us. Nice!) And we met wonderful people at our same table at the concert who flew in from Florida for the weeks Switchfoot festivities. They are even sending me a DVD of the concert that they recorded! And we also sat next to Tim & Jon Foreman's grandparents (who, at the last song, stood up and clapped). Then I had passes to the meet and greet and got to meet with the guys!!! So exciting! They're so cool! There are going to be pictures to follow once I get the transferred. Just thought I'd share. After a pretty long and challenging couple of weeks, it's been nice to feel like blood is flowing through my veins "my heart's still beating" (in the words of Switchfoot). Rock on!

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