Wednesday, November 11, 2009

See, I told you I'm a thinker

So, I thought that I would share with you all some of the things that I've been learning

- after having journaled & read in the morning several times in the last couple weeks, I had the revelation that it's much better for me to do that and have the rest of the day to sit, stir about, process, gain insight, hear from God in regards to what I read in His Word as well as journaled about...this all of course instead of reading & journaling before bed and then sleeping soundly through the night and not remembering what I did. Shocking, I know :)

- I was spending time with a mentor figure in my life last week and during our conversation she tells me how she was at a Bible study and learned about how much Jesus prayed...that's all she had to say and I totally got it. In my own mind I could think of a bunch of different times in the Bible where Jesus chose to connect with his Father and be restored as well as intervene. This was so cool to me and such a huge reminder to me.

- The other day while the little girl I was watching (of course I was babysitting) was having some issue about wanting something at home while we were at the park. I said "it's okay...we can go home and get it. But you have to be patient". Now, to be honest I don't throw that word around a lot with the kids I babysit for. But when I did it struck me. Like a "hello!" in front of my face. Aren't there times when God is also probably like, "Um, you are the one who didn't want to bring this with you or do this and now you've changed your mind. Of course you're going to have to be patient to go through the process. It's just down the street. Hold on." Maybe I assume to much, but I would bet God thinks the same way with us. Using patience to remind us how to not get worked up, to trust Him, and to seek the purpose of His journey in it too. I've obviously dealt with a lot of these situations with kids I watch, so it just clicked even more because it's almost common sense. Doesn't it also coinside with values that you (or I) would want to teach our kids in real life? Funny how that works.

Well, just also want to say that I picked out a new design for my blog, and based on my liking of birds and owls this was one of my top 2 choices so I figured hey, I don't know how long this bird thing for me will last so I'll use this template first. Haha. Thanks to Kelli for your suggestion :) Oh, and tomorrow Steph & I go to Jimmy Kimmel Live to see Swithfoot! YAY!!!

Peace, blessings & love


oc2pdx said...

Love this post and love the new layout. I love owls (and birds). Where do you get your layouts from?

Brittani's Blog said...

Thank you Ashley! :) I got them from ; and I'm so bummed I missed LG last night. I babysat for another 13 hours yesterday...literally! The mom/wife just had a baby via C-section & is in the hospital still healing, and it's taking even longer because the incision area is a little infected. I hope to be there next week!