Monday, November 30, 2009

Sweet Melodies

This is yet another Switchfoot concert post :) But this one is a first...because I got to take my 12 year old brother...and because they played their brand new CD Hello Hurricane! And, the concert was super close (Just in Anaheim). Bubba (my nickname for my bro) & I got to see all the guys at the meet & greet as well as see them do their sound check before the concert. (I won't mention the part about us waiting for a while in line, and then wait a long time for the concert to start, though. No. I will focus on the best parts of the evening.) However, the concert was AMAZING! At the end Bubba & I basically got seranated at the end when Jon crowd surfed and stopped right by us and sang for 2-3 minutes. The guys are truly talented as well as funny and genuine. They all loved the fact that it was Brad's first concert when we met them. And they sang/played for 2 hours straight! Anyway, I also had a fabulous Thanksgiving. It was a change of scenery because we spent actual Thanksgiving day with my dad's dad & stepmom. We never do that...we usually celebrate the weekend before with them. But my uncle & cousins were able to come as well (which is hard because of my uncle's work & my cousin spending time with their mom). The part that would have made it over the top would be having my older sister there with us, as well as my dad's other side of the family and my mom's side of the family. But I'll get to see all of them in just a few short weeks for Christmas! So, I want to put this out there again because I haven't been able to find a way to put it on my sidebar...but this is the ChipIn widget where people can help support my trip and all the activities/ministries the team & I from Rockharbor will be doing! (See below for my support letter). xoxo

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