Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Funnies Page...brought to you by pre-schoolers :)

I've compiled some of the funny things that kids have said/done in my presence lately.  Man, kids can be so funny :)

  • a 5 year old girl I sit for was asking me about nursing school.  She knows I'm pursuing going to nursing school, but I don't really talk to her about it but she brings it up occasionally.  But when I was sitting for her last week she asked me if I was a nurse yet, and I said "no, not yet.  Hopefully soon though".  Then she said "when you're a nurse, will you be my nurse?".  I said "YEAH, and you can come to the doctors office and I'll get you and say H, come back with me and I'll take care of you."  Her face lit up and she said "YEAH, that'd be so cool!"  And then a few minutes later she wanted to draw and she made me a card w/ a picture on it (couldn't tell you what exactly the picture was of) and she said "Brittani, this is for you.  It's for you to look at everyday to remember to be a nurse".  If that's not an obvious reminder to me.  haha
  • I babysat a few days later for the same girl...it was night time when I got there and she was going to bed and wasn't feeling well.  I got to say good night to her before her parents put her to bed.  Then, her mom said that she told her "Brittani is my favorite nurse"...aww.  I love ya too H! :)
  • I was watching a one year and a half year old girl who is very smart.  I was putting her down for her nap...we just read a Dora book and went in her room.  I had just changed her diaper, gave her the binky, and her blanket when she points to go out of her room and says "Dora book".  I thought, "okay, maybe she wants to bring the book with her to bed" so I go out to the living room and sit on the couch with her to get it and maybe look at one more page.  But as soon as we sit down she gets out of my lap and darts for her toys.  It was totally a strategic strategy to get back to her toys.  So I had to say "no toys or playing right now, it's time for bed.  Do you want the Dora book?"  and she didn't seem interested in the book.  So, I put her to bed and she said "nigh, nigh Brittani".  She's a cute and funny little one. :)

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oc2pdx said...

kids say the darndest things!