Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm on my way to yonder...

A song by the very talented Drew Bray played on my iPod in my car today called "yonder"...part of the lyrics are "I'm on my way to yonder". I kind of feel like that, but in a cool tomorrow, my "yonder" is California Baptist University (CBU)...with the hopes that my application will make it through and I'll get accepted to the pre-nursing program...which would be a yonder to maybe getting into the actual Masters of Science in Nursing program. But really, my interpretation and heart for the "yonder" is where God would have me! And that's really exciting! I have had soooo much joy this week it is amazing, beautiful, lovely and basically an answered prayer! God is so good!!!!! I think that tomorrow I will be posting a "funny things kids say post", as well as a recap of how the informational meeting/application turning in/visiting CBU went. Should be good

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