Friday, February 19, 2010

Can I get a "woot woot" and a "hey, hey"?

Hey my fearless readers!!! :)  My day today went pretty well...I babysat and the little girl I watch acted up again today by kicking and hitting me a lot when she had to take a nap.  Seriously don't know what her problem is...I even handled the situation like my normal (professional babysitter) self and she still kept at the kicking & hitting.  Just weird to me...I really haven't had a kid do this continually.  But then again, she gives me attitude pretty much all the time anyway (even if she's well rested).  After babysitting, I fought another battle to get to the nursing school info session...that's right, I drove on the 55 & 91 freeways during rush hour to get to Cal Baptist University (CBU).  I made it just about 5 minutes late to the info meeting, but I am so glad I went.  I feel that CBU is such a fabulous, wonderful, fantastic and beautiful school!  The nursing faculty/staff were amazing and I stayed to also get a tour of the "skills lab", which is basically a fully simulated hospital floor for nursing students.  It's state of the art!  And they described the nursing theory that they teach by, and I am impressed.  All this with a school that has a Christian foundation.  Then, I made sure to introduce myself to the admissions counselor I've been in contact with for about a year and a half and she remembered me and took my application.  I asked her what is the liklihood that I'd get into the pre-nursing program and she said I would probably get in, and if not they would work with me to help me take a few classes elsewhere and then start the program.  I feel like looking at private schools that have the option to finish pre-req's there is something I'm going to pursue at a few more schools while I am also trying to get into junior college classes.  But, according to the counselors my theory is right about the system...right now community colleges are suffering from budget cuts and they aren't able to have enough classes for all the students wanting/needing to take the classes and and CBU (and other private schools) they are able to increase the number of classes available for a course based on how many students there are to enroll.  It may just be my entry-way into an MSN.  We'll see...I should know if I can start the pre-nursing program for this summer in just 2 or 3 weeks because CBU has rolling admissions!  Would you all join me in continuing to pray about my application there, as well as my pursuing nursing school?  xoxo

p.s....tell me what you think about my new blog design.  would love to know!
p.s.s.  ... I think I've found a place to live w/ a dear, dear friend of mine.  woo hoo!
p.s.s.s. ....someone please tell me they know where I got the "can I get a 'woot woot' and a 'hey hey' "...please!  :)

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