Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy birthday to my little sis (who isn't so little anymore!)!!!!

Happy Birthday Kor!   I love you lots!  I hope that you have a wonderful day today!  How is it that you were born 19 years ago today??!?!?!!?  I'm proud of you for so many things that you've done...for doing well in high school, going to college, being a wicked awesome cheerleader in high school, for being a hard worker, for being a real/truthful person.  Most of all for being you.  Beautiful you!  For old times sake, when you come back to OC you, Cristina, Brad & I should ride our bikes to Carl's Jr (I guess you can get fries or something...).  Love you lots, and I pray for even more blessings this year than the last!

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