Monday, February 15, 2010

Plan A: Prayer, Plan B: Prayer (you India people know what this means :)

It's been a good week (I know it's only Monday, but I haven't written a blog in a little over a week). Thing have been going well with living at my parents...I've done a good amount of babysitting that has gone well. I did get sick though; and I'm still sick...before my move I sort of had a cold that was almost gone and then there were a couple of long nights (w/ packing and babyistting) where I didn't get a lot of sleep which then caused me to sick again (or I am calling it being "re-sick") last Sunday when I moved. And now it's progressed this week, going from a cold where I didn't know my nose could have so much coming out of it, to now a hacking cough. So, I've knocked down the cold, and am currently taking something to help with my cough so hopefully it'll go away soon. And I've really been trying to rest. But considering some things going on I can't take too much time to do nothing. Which leads me to the knew news...or an update. I had the crazy idea that I'd love to take pre-req courses at a university so that I could be able to finish faster. This whole trying to take junior college classes just isn't working too well. Then, I started looking at correspondence with an admissions counselor at Cal Baptist (CB) and they actually have that available. I can be enrolled in the "pre-nursing" classes starting this summer. They are having a Masters in Nursing informational meeting this Thursday that I am going to attend an personally hand in my application in person to this admissions counselor. I'm excited, nervous, trying to be hopeful, but most of all really really really trying to be dependent and reliant on God. Years and years ago, when the whole nursing process started I've said in my heart "if this happens, it's going to be because of God and not of me". I want this to be something that reflects a calling on my life, but how God has made it come to fruition. So, my plan A and plan B is prayer, prayer and prayer.
prayer for:
  • this whole nursing process, and my wisdom and seeking God through all of it
  • that I would be able to get my application finished to the best of my ability, and that I would present myself with all my capabilities and experience
  • that I would be able to get all my letters of recommendations to turn in for Thursday...they aren't full on letters, but more of a survey type format to fill out
  • that doors would open for me to start the pre-nursing classes this summer at CB
That's all for now...thank you my prayer warriors! You are truly a blessing & I couldn't do this without your support or your prayers being heard. :)

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