Friday, May 1, 2009

La vida loca en mi clase de anatomy

So, thought it would be funny to write about my anatomy class.  It's one of the most interesting classes I've taken -- because I get to cut things open and dissect things, and also because of the people in class with me.  At my lab table, there are three other people.  One woman is from Russia, another from Poland, and another from India (whom I've mentioned before).  They are all kind, funny and interesting people but it's just interesting to see other people's personalities.  The woman from India is an R.N.; but in class she's always getting really angry and cusses (and even says "oh, I'm such a biawtch" -- edited version); and she's always answering her phone during lab to talk to her kids who call her a lot (but not because it's an emergency but for things like seeing when she's going to come home).  She's also taking a biology of sex class and is always saying how good the teacher is.  Last week she asked me if I would write a paper for her for that class, and I said something like "Oh, that's not a subject I know a lot about.  I wouldn't write a good essay".  The lab table was kind of funny).  The woman from Poland is funny and always laughing and is very easy going; she's not doing well in the class but laughs it off and says "oh well.  It's my fault.  I'll do better next time."  There is an older man in the class too (he doesn't sit in our table though) and he's pushy and gets in the way.  Literally during a lab test we were suppose to be rotating to look at different stations where we had to identify things, and it was all timed.  This man tried to keep going back to one station where someone in front of me was, and then he tried again when it was my turn, and with a couple other people.  Then, there's a table with a group of girls who are sort of over achievers...they can be a little pushy and  looking out for themselves (just like the old man).  One night before an exam, our professor was lecturing on material that wasn't gonna be on the test, and one of the girls from that table was going around looking at all the skeleton models, brains etc while the teacher was lecturing!  (As if looking around at that point is going to help! was probably a comfort thing.)  I love how diverse it is, but at the same time it's just very interesting to watch the dynamics...they're a lot of characters who show up to take a Friday night class.  And to be honest, it's something I'm not use to and a lot of people in class don't live/function the way I do, so it's been a reminder that I live in a world with many different people.  We're going the Body World exhibit in San Diego (or as Tim from Switfoot calls it, Sandy eggo) and I'm carpooling with some people from class; I'll have to write about that trip too!

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