Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun times at D-land (aka, the Happiest Place on Earth)!

So, I have decided to post about my D-land trip with Brad on Saturday :) We had so much fun!!! As I woke up that morning I realized that even though we live about 15-20 minutes away from D-land, he hasn't been since he was about 4! So, needless to say he didn't remember a lot of what D-land is like so it felt really fun to have what felt like a first D-land trip for him :) I call it our "Disneyland maximization celebration" because I was determined to maximize our time there & make the best of the day. We got there & had to stand in line for his free ticket, which took a while. But, even though the ticket line was long, I knew it actually pretty much always is and nothing else looked too bad so far. Were able to go on all the "big rides" & utilize fast passes for rides that had the longest wait. He was confused about the whole fast pass thing and maximizing that for the rides with the longest wait, but I said "just trust me, I'm an annual passport holder". We didn't have to wait very long on the rides & I remember I prayed about the busy-ness of D-land on Memorial Day weekend and that God would provide and really, He did. Rides that were usually long seemed to have 1/2 the wait time from the board on Main St. in D-land that tells wait time. Anyway, the only bummer was Space Mtn; We waited to get a fast pass for it until before we went to dinner (because we had one for Indiana Jones & then Splash Mountain before that). However, at 5:50, the next Fastpass time was at 11:30pm!!! Heck no, I said. Brad agreed, so we went to Splash Mtn & then dinner; we came back & the wait time went from 50 min. to 70 min. But Brad & I both said "oh, it doesn't look that long" & we waited. About 30 minutes into the wait the ride breakes down & they say it's 1-3 hours fix time. So, we go on It's A Small World, watch fireworks, and go back to Space Mnt. and it was closed still! Sigh! We waited about 20 minutes because I was so hopefull it would open & Brad was getting really bored so he asked if we could go on the Matterhorn and we did and we go back to Space Mtn and it's open!!! YAY! But the wait was 70 min. because of all the people who had been waiting so long too. It was 10:15 at night and we were tired and both said heck no, but I said "let me try to smooze the Fast Pass people" and they said we couldn't get in without the pass even though we were in line when it shut down :( So, Brad still hasn't gone on Space Mtn but I am determined to get him on it someday soon because it would probably be his most favorite ride in D-land! We had fun!!! 12 rides in about 10 hours, including dinner & lunch!!! Love you Brad!

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