Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Hodgepodge of things

It was actually quite a trip to the Body World Exhibit.  Great conversation with the classmates in the car where I was able to share my opinions about things (and sort of minister) and was actually told by the classmates that they were encouraged by the conversation; and when I said my opinions are based on my faith and it might seem "strange" but  it's what I believe, one of the girls said "that's not weird".  And, the exhibit itself was quite extraordinary to see and to have my professor who has been teaching Anatomy for 30 years give us a tour made it even more unique.  The bummer though was that I actually had to study for a test that I had the following day, and I helped out with the video at church (which I love doing but it just wasn't good timing--and I could have arranged a little better).  So, I have one more week of class and then midterms.  Eeekk!  Scary and am trying to study more and more.  I unfortunately am not working for the company my aunt works for (the company is tightening it's spending) and even though it'll make money a little tight, I am so thankful to have the time off to study right before finals!  What provision!  God is so good!  Well, thanks for reading and if you could be keeping me, school (and future schooling) and these finals and also my whole family in prayer it would be greatly appreciated!  I've come to the realization and the peace that even if nursing school this year doesn't happened, I know I would feel so much better having more time to apply to more schools and retake classes that are my worst grades (great advice from a nursing admissions counselor advised me on).  Praise the Lord-- I don't feel like I only have this one opportunity.  I'm still staying strong and hopeful!  And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MAMA!  (and to all you other mamas out there!). 

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