Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shoe therapy!!!

So, here's a little update. I have been in the mood to wear my kick butt high heel shoes lately. Last night as I was falling asleep I even thought about these shoes my aunt bought me that I wore to graduation from UCI and what I could wear them with again. I'm not even talking about retail therapy, but I'm daydreaming about shoes I own that I don't get to wear often because they're not conducive to running or playing baseball or soccer or walking to the park while I babysit. To be honest, there's not a whole lot of these types of shoes in my closet, and it's definitely not like me to think of clothing/fashion like this which is makes it all the more random. I will admit this is probably induced by the alternate reality of studying that I'm in. But it is also because I got to wear a pair of them on Mother's Day and got complemented by numerous family members (my dad included, which tells you something about how maybe I really should wear these rockin' shoes more often). Other forms of therapy for me include listening to Jon Foreman, Switchfoot, Fiction Family, Molly Jenson and Jack Johnson...oh, and eating madeline cookies! So yummy! Anyway, I'm having fun typing this on my iPod as I walk to go pick up the kids I'm babysitting for today, which makes it rather convienent to blog. If you all could be praying for my studies, my family, test taking skills and my attitude/perserverance. I honestly haven't babysat in a couple days so I've been cooped up studying and that's not been doing well for my mentality after a few days. Thanks you all and love you!

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Anonymous said...

how about some jeans therapy too... you have a couple of pair at least