Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing up!!!

So, yesterday I allowed myself a study break & had lunch with my very best friend Lauren. We've known each other since freshman year of high school & have remained close ever since. (This includes me taking three trips to New York to visit her...I know, the things I have to endure. lol) Anyway, She's been back in CA from school in New York for a year and a half now & I've mentioned before she got engaged on her & her fiances 5 year anniversary in October (Halloween to be exact). Knowing that we are best friends I kind of assumed I'd be in the wedding but she's been quiet in telling me who's in the bridal party & never actually asked me. Well, yesterday I got the official ask. She's so sweet & sent her bridesmaids a cute card that asks "Will my bridesmaid?" I love her planning & thoughtfulness. She's great at things like that. Which is why I know the wedding is going to be off the hook. So, she is the first friend of mine to be getting married & with that brings a lot of excitement for me. It feels like my friends & I are growing up and creating our own lives. It's another new experience & it's pretty cool. First wedding &  for me the first time being a bridesmaid! Another first is Lauren's going to be an aunt at the end of this month. Her niece Lily is expected on May 30th. Yesterday I also got to see Lauren's sister & her growing baby in her belly. You know that you & your friends are close when your best friend & her sister get their hair done by your aunt. Lauren's sister said "I love your aunt!" & I had this feeling of how amazing it is to be so close with so many loving people who truly care about me & there is no questoin about it. And Lauren's sister said "Brittani, it's so hard to find a nanny! Can you just watch Lily for me when I need someone!".  It was too cute & I think it is pretty special to be in a type of community where we all help each other & are basically apart of each others family.  Laur & Kyle, it has been a privilege to watch your relationship grow (I even went on the first date with them--it was a football game).  I pray for stress-free wedding planning, a blessed marriage & a wonderful life together, for your closeness, unity and for your future.  I hope that I will be grow even closer through the planning process and that I can play a helpful role.  And I pray for the Coopers & for a healthy baby Lily and a blessed life for her.  Ok, I'll stop with the mushy. :)  I have my last final of the quarter today so if you all could be praying for me!  XOXO
here's the card:

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