Tuesday, January 12, 2010

35 hours later & 4 airports later...I'm back in CA

Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence. I got into L.A. last night at about 8:45. We traveled for about 35 hours because we had to take weird connections to Dubai and then Munich, Germany to get back because of the chaos of London being frozen (and a lot of Europe). Anyway, it's just so nice to be back. I was on cloud 9 when we got news on Sunday that we had tickets booked to leave! It was really interesting to be in a hotel not knowing when you'll check out. But it was actually a really nice hotel. We had a buffet breakfast and dinner every day. I got to work out at the gym. And we got to go into Hyderabad for a few hours 1 day to shop at what I can best explain as a swap meet. Our team help up pretty well being in the hotel if you ask me. On Sunday we held our own church service and sang songs at the hotel in their courtyard in the back. We made friends with a good amount of the staff there. And contributed to the hotels funds because I bought gifts at their gift shop, as did many people on the team, and many people got massages and other spa treatments. (For the record, I wanted to get a pedicure because my feet we're in their best condition after walking in dirt with sandals for almost two weeks but I resisted because pedicures were $20--I now know that nice hotels in India have the same prices as the US). Well, I am going to write a continuation blog soon about the rest of the trip. I promise for a post soon and pictures.


Amanda Lane said...

Glad you're back! Can't wait to read more about the trip... :)

Brittani's Blog said...

thank you so much Amanda! Will put more stories about the trip up soon! (It's been difficult to find the time and energy). Hope that you are doing well, though! And so sad I missed you on Saturday!