Sunday, January 31, 2010

A recap of my week

This has been a crazy week...really. It seems like this week has been long and I am trying to remember when the week actually started. Seriously. Well, I actually was fortunate enough to be at the airport when friends of mine and my family brought there son home from Haiti. It was quite the experience...first, my good friend Kristi (the photographer) came to the airport because it was mentioned that they would probably want to document the moment. Kristi was spending the weekend with girlfriends and they came with her because they agreed that it would be great opportunity for Kristi. It turned out that her friends knew the wife of the teaching pastor's wife at Rockharbor from many many years ago when they all worked at a different church together. Anyway, the father of the boy in Haiti decided to fly to Orlando on Friday literally on a hope and a prayer that their son would be able to leave Haiti after his caretakers in Haiti went to the U.S. Embassy every day that week to get an emergency Visa or Humanitarian Parole. And miraculously he got Humanitarian Parole and Friday and left with several other orphans on Friday night on a military jet to Orlando. All this time (since the earthquake) the family has had such an amazingly strong prayer support and had so many people helping and advocating for them. It was just an example of the power of prayer and how good God is! Anyway, then my little sister left to go back to college after Christmas break. And I looked at about 5-6 places to move into (because I found out I did not to chosen to move into the place in CM I was hoping to move into). I looked at several other places and there was one that I really like but it was in Fountain Valley...and after much deliberation I decided it would be best to stay in CM. So, the day I decided that I shouldn't move to Fountain Valley (and was sort of stressing) I got an email from a friend who has a friend that is moving and needing to find someone to take her room. I called this friend of a friend and was able to look at the place..however it isn't available until this next weekend. So, I talked about my options with my dad (I love him!). He and I thought I'd see if my current roommates had anyone to occupy my room, and if they didn't to stay for an extra week and keep trying to look for places. They haven't found anyone and we compromised on a price for me to pay for rent for a week. So now I don't have to move to my parents (yet) and then to a new place in a matter of a week. God is sooooo good! Anyway, the place I looked at that was a referral actually has been the absolute best so far and I would be stoked to move in there (awesome location, amazing price, cute place and the girls seem pretty awesome too)!!! If you could all be praying about their decision to have me live there. I feel like the meeting with them went well but they also said they were going to meet with a few other girls and woudl decide on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. I just kind of don't want to look for places anymore because there aren't a whole lot on the RH classifieds that are in my league. But, I am also checking my heart and reminding myself that no matter what God will take care of me. I will always have somewhere to stay.
Anyway...that was a little diversion. This week I've also been able to babysit for the little boy who just came home from Haiti to be with his new family. He is such a sweetheart. And seems to be adjusting fairly well with all things of the craziest parts is that he left Haiti in such a hurry that he and his caretakers were fully done with preparing him for being with his new family (so he doesn't know much English at all, they never transitioned to a new English name and many other things). But he is doing well, is very smiley and his brother and sisters adore him. I've also done A LOT of babysitting this week! And I've gotten sick with a cold/cough.
But I'm going to get to bed early tonight because I have another busy week of babysitting and trying to get into a class I couldn't register for at OCC. So, if you guys could be praying for classes and that specific place I'd love to live in. Much love!


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