Friday, January 15, 2010

ok, it is!!!

Here are some pictures from the India trip...still in process of writing a wonderful and lovely post about the rest of the trip...and I promise my mind hasn't faded and I haven't forgotten the details about the please don't bail on me once you've just checked out the photos :) xoxo

The picture on the left are 2 boys from a village where we dedicated a clean water well. And on the right is a Harvest India orphan & me walking into the main part of Tenali (note:almost none of these pics are cute of me, but hey, my flat iron broke while in India)

These are more boy from the village we dedicated a water well at. They wanted me to keep taking pictures of them :)

This was our hotel while we stayed in Tenali...and this is a meal from a village were we did flood relief

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