Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!! (and more about India)

Sorry I haven't written on my blog in a while. It's been busy but I've had an amazing trip so far! London town was great! We weren't there for long but I was able to see Trafulgar Square and I also had authentic fish and chips...anyway, onto my (second) journey to India.
We got to India late because our flight was delayed...then we drove by charter bus for a little over 8 hours to get to Harvest India (HI). Right off the bus (literally) we met David Trotter and his family who were visiting HI at an HIV/AIDS camp. There we gave food to to those with HIV/AIDS. Then we visited the RH orphans and they danced and sang for us. Then we went to Suresh's for diner and then we went to out hotel to sleep.
The next day we did a leper camp where we gave food to lepers. Then we went to a flood relief camp where there was total India chaos distributing clothing and kitchen supplies. We were there for a while, and it was amazing to give these people much needed necessities,as well as see how the village is being restored and working together and connect with the people (they were happy were there and showed us their roosters and then made 2 of them fight.) The flood was visably really bad. We then did an outreach that night where I played one of the main characters in a drama. Some of the kids laughed when i pretended to be drunk in the drama. There were a lot of people who decided to follow the Lord that night.
The next day was New Years Eve. We visited the construction site of a HIV/AIDS home HI is building called Hope House. It will house 50-100 people with HIV/AIDS in their last days. It was sort of emotional to me because of the implication of the project and my heart for those living with the condition (because who would want to suffer from that ?). Anyway, we then went to one of HI's eldely homes I visited last year. I was amazed again at the hutspa of these women spirits and faith. Truly amzing women...and they remembered me and told us all kinds of stories and songs and wanted to take lots of photos. Then we did a medical camp where some people gave kids and adults medication for things like cholera and the same time some team members did that I actually got to play with some of the villiage children and teach them songs and they talked to me and also taught me how to count to 10 in Telagu. Then we rested for a little bit at the hotel until we got ready at Suresh's house to wear our sari's to the New Years Eve celebration with the orphan children. We performed the Lifehouse "Everything" skit for them and then webt outside to watch homemade Indian fireworks. What an experience! Having six kids surrounding and wrapped around me talking to me and admiring the fireworks together. One girl asked me if I was a housewife? Yes that's right. Afer that we served them New Years communion. An amazing experience where the bread just kept flowing to pass out.
I know that this is a long post so I'll end it here and perhaps tomorrow post again the rest of the trip so far. XoxO

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