Sunday, January 17, 2010

This blog post would make for my 3rd one in three days. I think that may be a record in my book on "brittani nichole's blog". I have wonderful news about the friends that I mentioned in my blog a few days ago. All three family members (the wife, the three year old son & the 9 month old baby girl) are all safe. And on Friday night, the wife and the 9 month old landed back home in California after surviving the earthquake in Haiti, and being stuck in Haiti for several days after the earthquake. However, (and extremely sadly) by law they were not able to bring their 3 year old son who they were in the final few months of adopting. And now the building in Haiti that their paperwork was held did not withstand the earthquake and they don't know when and if their files will ever be recovered. So, they are campaigning for something called Humanitarian Parole to be able to adopt their son, and also be able to get the other children in Haiti who have families that were in the adoption process that is now halted because of the earthquake. They've been interviewed on CNN, ABC, FOX News, and CBS. I had the blessing and privilege to be at their house watching their kids for 3 out of the 4 interviews and I am truly amazed at the love they have for their son, and how deeply they care for him and all the sweet children in Haiti waiting to be adopted but the process is now at a standstill. This was already such an emotional & difficult journey, and now it is even more-so. They are also needing so much help advocating for their son and other orphans in Haiti. This would be something as simple as writing an email or letter to your local congressmen. They have already explained all the many things that everyone can do to help! So here's a like to the blog post about it "Operation Get Him Home" . And, after you read that post visit their home page and Kristen (the wife/mama) has posted her experience about the earthquake & at least one of their interviews at this point. Thank y'all and I am almost done writing the India post! Promise!

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