Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Burritos, Frapaccino's, kids imaginations and India

My day began earlier than I thought it would...a combination of the time change and that the past few days I have been waking up rather early (but really it's not too early, so it's ok). I need to work on being able to fall back to sleep easier and falling asleep in daylight (Amanda had some helpful tips for me). Honestly, I know it will really help with regards to India when I know I need to be sleeping during a time that's not evening in PST. But I overcame some tiredness and was able to have lunch with Laur...tasty Los Primos, which I had not had in a long time. I wish Laur and I could have been able to have a longer time for lunch but that wasn't possible because she had to work and I had to get going too. It's been hard to not see her as much or be able to do things spur of the moment with her, but she is in the work force now, and an engaged woman. I'm so excited for Laur and Kyle...and my hope is to be able to be with Laur as she gets ready for this unique and once in a lifetime experience of getting married. Then, I got to see my little bro for a short while... and just a side note, it's not a good idea to give that little man a frapaccino (I've learned my lesson). I guess I really wanted Starbucks, and he was with me, and of course the cool big sister bug kicked in. But he made it seem okay by saying "dad always lets me". Then my dad actually said "I've only let you have one probably two times ever". Eleven year old boy + frapaccino= not a good idea. After he simmered down, I was able to really help him with math homework, which was encouraging.
Much later on in the evening, I babysat. That's when the entertainment portion of my day continued. I was reading a nighttime story to an eight year old; an informational kids book about ancient history. We were reading about the Great Wall of China, and I said "you can actually see it from space" and he said "yeah but in real life you can't". Then came the part about Stonehenge and the little boy said "when they made it, it was really big but now it's this small" as he made a measurement showing me a space of about a centimeter he made with two fingers. Then, when we got to the tombs in Egypt he said "yeah but in Egypt they don't use tombs anymore. Just when someone dies they dig a hole where they died. Or, if there's no room they just dig a hole somewhere else". And he said that in the Sphinx there is a "man who has a face that is half robot". Who would have thought that thousands of years ago, people were half robots. My history must be way off. Kids have such clever imaginations, it cracks me up. I enjoy hearing what they have to say.
I was able to talk with my dear friend Stephanie, and we also had time to pray to our Heavenly Father. And I sort of had a revolution that I thought was pretty cool. It's so hard to accept our mistakes. Think about it. We have a justice system of "law and order" that punishes wrongdoings that are caught. And of course people need to be taught right from wrong, and we live in a society with many many other people and a poor choice I make can definitely affect a lot of other people. Peoples outright disobedience and poor decisions have influenced me personally, and I'm sure that I've made poor choices that have affected others; but it's because of needing to teach right from wrong as well as the fact the we live in community with others that makes it harder to accept the justice in Jesus dying on the cross and our sins being abolished because someone else took care of them for us.
I just thought I'd share about how I'm learning and being challenged. (I really am trying to prepare myself for India...hence the working on my sleep patterns as one of the things to prepare). I hope everyone who reads it enjoys (even if it is just one person). G'nite.

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