Monday, November 17, 2008

Not another manic Monday

Hi everyone!  So, I've been out for the count a few days ago because I got my immunizations (4 shots to be exact) and they definitely took a toll on me.  But now I'm feeling better.  Yesterday we had our first India drama team practice, and it went really well.  It's quite a workout doing the skit for "Everything" trying to fight God and win back the  We all grew closer, encouraged each other in those awkward first moments of actors having to act in close proximity.  (Probably felt a little uncomfortable because for a lot of us, we haven't done a lot of this or it's been a while).  But, we are trying to get into character, and it was lots of fun!  We already decided to have another practice in one week before things get a little crazy with Thanksgiving.  In regards to news about support, I got an update yesterday via e-mail and it's still at no progress in the last week.  But I am still hopeful and know that there is still more to be done!  The countdown is 39 days!  Wow...I can't believe it's that close.  Some prayer requests are for preparation, any spiritual warfare that may be happening (because it definitely feels like there is in regards to relationships and my emotions), safety and unity and protection for the team even now.    Also, for the birthday/fundraiser dinner...I am hoping people are excited about it and that there will be a good turnout so I can get all my friends together (that would really mean a lot to me).
In other news...I've been waiting for a while for Switchfoot gear I ordered (like the sweatshirt that I'm says "Switchfoot" on it) and a Deluxe Edition "The Best Yet" CD!  It made my day when I saw it came in the mail today!  The little things in life really do bring me joy.  Also, I went to the Awaken track tonight, and we actually got out and hung with people in "third places" (i.e., Starbucks, a bar, etc).  I went with a few people to Barnes & Noble.  It was great to be able to connect with the Barista's there and the nice man who worked in the music section.  I really feel like I could go back sometime next week and they would remember me, and I could be the church to them just by listening, being consistent and being kind to them and really showing I care.  I also think this is great training for India.  :)
Thanks for your prayers and each way you all help support me!

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