Sunday, November 9, 2008

So amazing!

As promised, I have an update after our team meeting. First of all, I feel so blessed because my support is at 67%. I need to raise $3500 and I'm at $2345. I sent my support letters 5 weeks ago, and we have seven weeks left. The reason I'm giving such a specific update is because I know full well that I could not do this on my own, and I want to say thank you to everyone for praying and supporting this trip and let everyone know the direct impact this has and how it is such a blessing. I'm am astounded at the way people who are important to me have shown support and have really helped me and sacrificed. I am so grateful, and thanks again! Just a little more to go. The drama group (which includes me) in the India team met today. We decided on four skits: Everything, The Good Samaritan, Entangled and Heart. I know that some may not sound familiar, but in the Good Samaritan I am going to play the person who is robbed and hurt but then helped. The skit Everything is to a song called Everything by the band Lifehouse. In it a human is portrayed starting out with Jesus, but then is faced with several temptations (e.g., money, alcohol, sexuality, death) and it shows how Jesus overcomes all of those things for her. It's very moving...if anyone is interested here's a link to the "Everything" skit. I'm playing the person who portrays money in this skit. Some more info about the trip: we got a list of things to pack today, and we also found out that we are getting tailor made punjabi's and sari's once we get to India (punjabi's are traditional India pant outfits for women); and the guys have the option of getting a few tailored shirts and pants. They're more authentic that way, easier to get when we get there, and do not cost as much (and we can directly benefit the tailor that way, in my opinion). We're also going to be holding a four day crusade, which is why we need four skits (one for each night of the crusade). Also, we might be able to visit the ocean and hold baptims there. I'm so excited about all that we are going to do, and so excited to share it! Let me know if you have any questions. Something else that we're going to do is a Vacation Bible School, which I believe is three days long. The team also practiced two songs that we'll sing at the crusade (which was so much fun, and all of us enjoyed it and were laughing. One of the team leaders was doing a Tina Turner dance to Trading My Sorrows and then she proceeded to say that's something that's not culturally was a crack up). Right now, I'm focusing on memorizing Bible verses and being very diligent with reading the Bible. I'm looking into what more I can do to fund-raise, so more about that may be coming soon.
"God is love"-- 1 John 4:8

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