Saturday, November 22, 2008

My 22nd Birthday :)

In today's news, this weekend has been a celebration of my 22nd birthday.  My birthday was two days ago, and even though I babysat the whole day it was pretty fun.  It started off with a midnight call from Lauren (which has become an official tradition now), followed by a 6:30AM text from Stephanie and a 7:00AM phone call from my family.  (Who needs sleep anyway, right).  I did feel very loved by all of it though :)  A highlight of babysitting was when I was pushing the little two year old I watched on the swings and she wanted to get off and I started saying "slow it down, down, down" (from a Switchfoot song "We Are One") and she copied me.  I smiled.  Then, that night my family and I went to El Ranchito for dinner and of course it would never be an Ehrhorn birthday without mentioning that "we have a birthday" to the waitress.  So, the waiters/waitresses put a sombrero on me and sang Happy Birthday, and we were actually at a table in the middle of the restaurant.  It was great.  We did get a free and really tasty desert out of it though.  
Then, yesterday was my India Fundraiser/Birthday Dinner.  I had fun making red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!  Good friends showed, my roommates uncle made a delicious dinner and was so sweet to do so.  (Thanks Jay!)  And my family came and we had lots of laughs.  And I also got some more support from it.  Then, today I got to hang out with family again and celebrate one of our families Thanksgivings we'll have this year.  One of the best moments was driving from lunch with my little bro and he said "Hey, can I pick a song on your iPod".  I said sure, and he put on Jack Johnson's "Bubble Toes" and he and I sang our hearts out all the way home.  He's an awesome little guy, great brother, and has great taste in music.  
Today, I also had India drama team practice.  We learned the dance/routine for the Entangled drama (which, I am playing Satan in...I get to entice people and tied their hand to me.  Kinda fun because I lead the dance/routine and get to do the "8 count" for everyone).  The practice went really well, we made a lot of progress and the whole team was able to make it.  Well, more news about India is that there are 33 more days until I take off.  I feel like preparation is going well and I am trying to stay on top of getting things done to go (but I have been babysitting a whole lot lately so it makes me busy).  If y'all could continue to be praying for me I would really appreciate it, and for the whole team.  I have been experiencing some ways where satan has been trying to get to my emotions and some of my relationships.  And another girl on the team mentioned things have been getting really hard for her too (so prayer for the whole team would be so amazing and appreciated!).  I'm looking forward to going to India to help dedicate clean water wells, to help put on a 4 day crusade, to help put on a vacation Bible school, to minister and meet the needs of the untouchable class, and more that I know God has in store.

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